‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak accused of mocking contestant’s speech impediment

Longtime host has been accused of patronizing contestant due to his speech impediment

Credit: Ethan Miller

Credit: Ethan Miller

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak has often used his dry wit in exchanges with contestants, but a recent remark from the venerable game show host is not sitting well with some fans.

Some viewers who watched a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” featuring contestant Chris Brimble, have called for Sajak to apologize for going too far with his signature snark. The exchange in question happened as each of the contestants introduced themselves, which is a typical part of the program.

Brimble, who mentioned he recently got married, told Sajak that he works for a company that sells “technology that benefits older adults.” The 74-year-old host responded with a question asking if it is a “myth” that older folks are averse to technology. Brimble, smiling, states that it is in fact a myth, and “you’d be surprised how open they are.”

Sajak’s final response of “I thee,” instead of “I see,” is what has brought the host backlash. Many have interpreted his response as a mockery of Brimble’s way of speaking, which sounded like a lisp to many. Brimble responded with a slight laugh, but few in the studio audience chuckled at the possible joke.

Sajak has not addressed the controversy. Brimble went on to earn $12,250 in prize money, though he fell just short of advancing to the bonus puzzle, according to Yahoo Entertainment.