What they’re saying

Faith Brown, 36, of Snellville on the City Council race

“I was already going to come out, but I had an extra bounce in my step to come and vote for Alisa Boykin. She is the first African-American female to run for city council in Snellville.”

Danielle Elkins, ‏@DaniElkins on Twitter

“Never received my polling location and the door was locked when I got there, but I did not give up! #ATLvotes”

Abigail Gutierrez, 35, of Marietta on the city’s $68 million redevelopment bond

“I am against the bond because they are not thinking about the whole population, just what it means for businesses. The Franklin Road redevelopment would mean my family loses their place to live and my daughter switching schools. Redevelopment and improvement are fine, but they could do that without dislocating people.”

The Rev. Bruce Wilkinson, ‏@PadreInAtlanta on Twitter

“#atlvotes If I hadn’t voted early all of the robo calls I received 4 two weeks would have turned me off from voting today.”

Shirley Hicklin, 55, of Midtown on Atlanta’s mayoral race

“I came out to vote against Kasim Reed. I am very disappointed with him and what he’s allowed to happen in the city. I don’t think he has addressed the crime here and he’s let it get out of control. I used to live in New York and the things that happen here in Atlanta are just ridiculous.”

Lori M. Flynn, ‏@ChefLFlynn on Twitter

“No line & only took 5 minutes! Quit your fussing if you don’t cast your #vote! #atlvotes”

Erin Alana ‏@ErinAlanaWalks on Twitter

“I’m a Georgia voter…Yay! Please #RocktheVote today. You matter and your vote counts. #ATLVotes”