Man, feathered friend pose for epic mug shot

A man in Portland is taking the term “jailbird” to a whole new level with an unusual mug shot that is quickly going viral.

Craig Buckner, 38, had a court appearance involving a drug and theft case Thursday afternoon in Washington County, Oregon. Believing that he would not be arrested, Buckner left his macaw, Bird, in a tree outside the courthouse, according to The Associated Press.

Buckner fell asleep while waiting for his case to be called. He was taken for a drug urine test and failed. When Buckner learned he was going to be arrested, he expressed his concern for his feathered friend outside.

Bird had climbed 30 feet high and would not come down for deputies. Since the tropical bird would not likely survive chilly, rainy overnight weather conditions, deputies escorted Buckner to the tree and Bird came right down, settling on Buckner’s shoulder. That’s where he stayed for hours, nibbling on peanuts while waiting for Buckner’s friend to pick him up.

In the meantime, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies took a mock mug shot of Buckner and Bird. The image has quickly gone viral. Sgt. Bob Ray told The Associated Press that while it was a busy day, he’s glad his deputies took the time to rescue Bird.

"We're not all robots. We're humans, we love animals and we want to do the right thing," Ray said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.