Guests stunned to find their room key opens multiple motel rooms

If you're on the cheap end when it comes to finding lodging for your vacation, you might want to reconsider your approach. Not every good deal leaves you as secure as you'd like and one motel in New Mexico proved that point.

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After having a random guest open their room with a key card assigned to him, two friends went to the front desk of the Rodeway Inn that they were staying at and asked how something like that could happen.

"We asked the hotel lady why this might have happened and she said, well, they gave the other people the master key," said one of the men in a video posted to YouTube Saturday.

The men wondered if the incident was a fluke of if they, too, had access to other rooms.

Sure enough, their room key opened up two rooms adjacent to their own.

Choice Hotels, the company that owns Rodeway Inn, wrote on YouTube that the situation stemmed from a malfunction.

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention," the company wrote. We have contacted the hotel and determined that there was a malfunction in their key system. They have taken immediate action to address this."