Domino’s delivers wedding registry

Domino's has finally stepped up to answer those who want their special day, honeymoon and duration of their wedded life filled with pizzas, Lava Crunch Cakes and more: A Domino's Wedding Registry.

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Under the title on the Domino's Wedding Registry page is the caption "Know a couple getting married and not sure what to get them? We figured it out."

Conveniently, it is a lot of pizza in the form of gift cards with amounts ranging from $15 to $100.

One testimonial reads, "Some love stories scream 'fine china.' Ours screamed 'stuffed cheesy bread.'"

Whether or not the testimonials are real or jokes is up for debate.

The varied levels of commitment and love come with titles like, "One More Slice Before I Do" and "Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life." The advice to "not spend it all in one place" does not apply here, as registry gift card recipients can only spend it in one place, but at least they can choose between carry-out and delivery.

Find out more on the Domino's Wedding Registry site.