Crow apparently flies off with crime scene knife

Oooh shiny!

We know crows are attracted by shiny objects, but one Canadian crow named Canuck is causing a stir in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He apparently has a penchant for taking knives. But his latest caper netted the avian thief a piece of crime scene evidence.

Police were at a crime scene recently where a man confronted another man with a knife and shots were fired, the CBC reported.

As police investigated, a reporter noticed a crow, who many believe was Canuck, swoop down and pick up the knife.

Police chased Canuck about 20 feet before the bird dropped his weapon.

That wasn't the only trouble Canuck was causing at the crime scene.

He was seen sitting on the roof of a burned-out car involved in the event and trying to get into a cameraman's gear.

Canuck is infamous in Vancouver.  He has his own Facebook page where fans can follow his exploits.