Top Unvents: Rethinking major life decisions

Recently engaged? New job promotion? Found a lucky penny on MARTA this morning? Share your victories — little or large — on The Vent.

Here are the top unvent posts from the past week.

1. "If i had to start over my life, I still would have married my husband….only much sooner. I would have had a bunch more kids instead of one. I would have moved from the ATL metro area sooner and most definitely would have taken better care of my health.Like this vent? Vote here.

2. "I wish I had a man to love and adore. Enjoy your spouses because there are some who wish they had one!!"  Like this vent? Vote here.

3. "Looking for Elmer Fudd…the rabbits are eating my green beans.Like this vent? Vote here.

4. "All my rowdy friends have settled down.Like this vent? Vote here.

5. "Goodnight Gracie. Only people with rotary phones will remember.Like this vent? Vote here.

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