The Vent for Wednesday

Why should 50% of the people pay for everything the other 50% gets free?

If we ignore everything about Taylor Swift, the Kardashians, Lindsey Lohan and Justin Baby Bieber, would they disappear? Let's try!

I'm tired of doctor's offices requiring you to arrive half hour before your appointment to hand over paperwork that was completed at home.

The more someone feels it necessary to declare their intelligence or education, the less inclined I am to believe they have either.

The best and only way to vote against the stadium is to leave it empty.

When I heard of a new TV show called "House of Lies", I just knew it was going to be about Congress!

My sister has a great idea — start Daylight Saving Time on Friday night so our bodies can get adjusted by the time we have to go to school or work.

The governor said we need more people trained in the areas covered by technical colleges, but now his legislature is proposing a 10 % cut in funding. Doesn't make sense to me.

You think there is too much media coverage on the selection of a new Pope to be spiritual leader of more than a billion people? I suppose you want a Honey Boo Boo marathon or some Jersey Shore reruns.

I have never seen a day of vents as logical and sensible as today's. Did Georgians crawl out of their bubble?

Every president in recent memory has played golf so why is that now an issue??! Never mind, we know why!

I'm glad when I talk to God, I don't get a recording!