The Vent for Monday

Dr. King would be shocked at the way our young people shun the chances for advancement that we fought and bled for in the 1960s.

It never has been about the color of your skin. It is - and always has been - about your character.

President Johnson launched the “Great Society” to eradicate poverty. Years and billions of dollars later, the poverty rate remains the same - but the morality rate is at an all-time low.

The companies that make disposable printers are ripping us off, with their outrageous prices on ink.

It never ceases to amaze me how many other motorists seem to have broken, sprained or missing left pinky fingers and are psychologically incapable of using their directional/turn signals while driving.

You do not need to be a CEO to have a golden parachute. You must live below your means, save money in your IRA, pay cash for what you can afford, etc. - and you, too, will have a golden parachute.

I would love to see the AJC do an investigation into the regulators of the HOPE Scholarship! I am sure there is dishonesty in that process.

It’s feeling like Fall - that’s all, y’all!

Amazing: a woman just showed America how you can look adversity in the eyes and handle it without a weapon. Men, are we listening? Thanks, Antoinette Tuff!

Young or old, everyone should have health care. How many young people can afford a large hospital bill without insurance? Accidents happen.

“Lost Beatitude #1”: Blessed are they that expect the worst, for they shall not be disappointed.

Those are our pandas, and I don’t want anyone else naming them!

Nihilism is the new patriotism.

Let’s shut down the government and watch the chorus of complaints arise that it isn’t doing its job.

It is four months until Christmas, y’all!

If we suck enough oil from under the earth’s surface, and enough water to bust the crust for fracking, pretty soon, there will be more sinkholes than there are buildings to fall into them.

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