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Q: The lake levels section of the weather report shows every lake in Georgia is full except Lake Lanier. I understand that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is required to release water at a prescribed rate, but this is true of other lakes as well. Considering Lanier’s importance to Atlanta, why the continuing deficit?

—Otis Glamore, Atlanta

A: The Corps Mobile District operates five dams on lakes that are in Georgia: Buford Dam, West Point Dam, Walter F. George Lock and Dam, George Andrews Lock and Dam and Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam. Three of the dams — Buford, West Point and Jim Woodruff — have minimum flow requirements.

Lake Lanier’s level has increased by 4.6 feet since mid-March. Therefore, since that time, there has been no deficit, Lisa Hunter, chief of public affairs for the Corps Mobile District, told Q&A on the News via email.

“The Corps of Engineers continues to operate the Buford Dam conservatively to aid the reservoir refill. The limited size of the watershed above Buford Dam results in prolonged periods to refill the reservoir,” she wrote.

Q: What’s the mailing address for Steve Harvey?

—Dorothy Beasley, Atlanta

A: The mailing address for the "Steve Harvey Show" is 454 Columbus Drive, Chicago, Illinois, 60611. Mail addressed to Harvey's attention will be forwarded to him as fan mail.

The “Steve Harvey Show” is produced from the NBC Tower studios in Chicago, but the production will move to Los Angeles by Aug. 1, office production assistant Allie Carlson told Q&A on the News. A Los Angeles mailing address has not been set up.

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