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Q: Does President Donald Trump wear glasses?

—Michael Jones, Brookhaven

A: While he isn't often seen wearing them, Trump does wear reading glasses, according to multiple media reports.

In a 2015 campaign stop in South Carolina, then candidate Trump was pictured on CNN wearing reading glasses as he read from the New York Times.

A year later, in August 2016, while reporting on a video deposition by Trump in a lawsuit he had filed against chef Geoffrey Zakarian, CBS News wrote, “When Zakarian’s counsel asked Trump to read a portion of the contract out loud to ensure he understood the terms and conditions, the Republican presidential nominee blamed his poor eyesight for not being able to do so.”

The story also quoted Trump as saying: “I don’t have my eyeglasses on me. I am at a disadvantage because I didn’t bring my glasses. This is such small writing.”

More recently, Associated Press photographer Andrew Harnik shared on Twitter a photo of the president wearing reading glasses on Oct. 22, 2017, as he left Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

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