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Q: Is Sarah Huckabee-Sanders the daughter of or related to Mike Huckabee, the preacher that has run for the Republican nomination for the president of the United States?

—Paul Craven, Atlanta

A: She is the daughter of Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor. Huckabee-Sanders currently serves as the White House's principal deputy press secretary.

She worked for her father during his 2016 and 2008 presidential campaigns and his 2002 gubernatorial reelection, in addition to other political experience, according to FoxNews.com.

Q: A recent AJC editorial indicated Atlanta has 50 million visitors. Does this 50 million include airport passengers who fly into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and then fly right out?

—David Dickey, Dallas

A: The visitation number does not include airport passengers who layover without leaving Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Heather Kirksey, a spokeswoman for the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, told Q&A on the News. She added that the updated domestic visitation for 2016 totalled 51 million and overall visitation for 2016 (including international visitors) was 52 million.

The primary definition of a visitor by D.K. Shifflet and Associates, the third-party group that provides ACVB with visitation data, is someone who makes “an overnight trip or any day trip greater than 50 miles one way from home.”

“This definition of visitor equates roughly to hotel guests, people from outside the metro area that come in and stay with friends or family and people that drive in for a day trip,” she wrote.

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