Q&A on the News

Q: Where would basketball games such as the Final Four, SEC Tournament and Champions Classic be played if the Georgia Dome is demolished for the sake of the Atlanta Falcons? — Robert Abney, Stone Mountain

A: Any potential new stadium would have a retractable roof, which would be closed for basketball and in bad weather for Falcons games. Falcons owner Arthur Blank has said a new stadium is necessary for Atlanta to compete against other NFL cities with newer stadiums to host future Super Bowls. Atlanta hasn't hosted a Super Bowl since 2000, losing several bids since then. The city is scheduled to host the Final Four in 2013. NCAA President Mark Emmert told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution earlier this month that while the Georgia Dome would be "sufficient" for next spring's event, it "clearly … would be advantageous" for Atlanta to build a new stadium for future NCAA events.

Q: Where can people donate money to be used to pay rewards to people who give tips to report dogfighting? — Mike Cooper, Atlanta

A: The Humane Society of the United States has a reward program that pays $5,000 to for a "valid tip" that leads to the "arrest and conviction of a puppy mill operator for illegal animal cruelty" and to anyone "involved in dogfighting and cockfighting," according to HumaneSociety.org. For questions and information about the reward program, call (202) 452-1100.

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