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Q: There is a new sculpture on Atlantic Drive between 10th Street and Ferst Drive in Atlanta. What is it, what does it represent and why is it painted traffic cone orange?

—Ron Brooks, Atlanta

A: Robert Winkler's "Without Within" is a 19-foot-high steel sculpture at the Engineered Biosystems Building on Georgia Tech's campus in downtown Atlanta.

Winkler, a sculptor based in Asheville, N.C., said the sculpture resembles the curve of the RNA molecule.

“The mathematical and organic nature of my sculpture provides a visual link to the research conducted inside the building,” Winkler told Q&A on the News via email.

The sculpture is painted with a polyurethane coating for outdoor pieces.

The orange was chosen to reflect the bright, friendly and youthful community at Georgia Tech, he added.

“The scale and power of the graceful undulating curves create a natural meeting place and an invitation to photographers,” he wrote. “Viewed in the round, the commanding form is constantly in motion.”

He added that one of his goals with the sculpture’s design is to expand the “dialogue at the intersection of art, science and technology.”

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