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Q: If it’s at night and I feel the pursuing car with flashing lights is not a valid law enforcement vehicle, how can I safely ignore them?

—Bob Foster, Alpharetta

A: A motorist in Georgia can continue driving until what is considered a safe place "before stopping for law enforcement vehicles," Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright told Q&A on the News in an email. A section of Georgia Code 40-8-91 states: "… whenever a motorist driving on the roadways of this state is directed to stop by a law enforcement officer in a law enforcement vehicle marked as required under this Code section, the motorist may continue to drive until a reasonably safe location for stopping is reached." The driver can indicate "his or her intent to proceed to a safe location" by turning on the vehicle's flashing lights or turn signal. "In proceeding to a safe location, the motorist shall observe the posted maximum speed limit," the code states.

Q: What can a teenager, who is still in school and living at home, use for two proofs of residence when applying for a driver’s license?

—Mary Edwards, Griffin

A: Students can use a letter from their school plus a parent's license, ID or a utility bill, which has the same address, DDS spokeswoman Susan Sports told Q&A on the News in an email. For a list of acceptable documents or to create a custom checklist, go to www.dds.ga.gov and click on the blue box on the homepage called New Documentation Requirements: Secure License & ID.

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