Suspects flee gunfire outside LA district attorney’s home

Jackie Lacey’s security team opened fire on would-be car thieves

The security team for outgoing Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey opened fire on a pair of would-be car thieves outside her home over the weekend, according to news reports.

The shooting happened Saturday night about 6:20 and reportedly involved the attempted theft of a security vehicle parked along Mayerling Street in Granada Hills, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Police said Lacey’s security team was stationed in two cars outside her house when an unknown vehicle with two occupants approached.

One of the officers exited his vehicle just as one of the suspects emerged and tried to gain access to a parked vehicle, the Times reported, citing police reports.

The officer opened fire, and the suspects fled.

It is not believed that either culprit was hit, police told the Times.

Sources did not reveal the names of the officers nor how many shots were fired by one or both of them.

There were also no reports to suggest that the suspects returned fire.

Lacey recently lost her reelection bid to challenger George Gascón, a reform candidate who promised compassionate leadership at the nation’s largest municipal prosecutor’s office.

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Lacey, 63, conceded the race after failing to garner more than two-thirds of the remaining tally to be reelected.

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Her eight-year tenure may have come to an end in part because of the anti-law enforcement sentiments that swept the nation in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

More than 500 fatal police shootings were reported under Lacey’s watch since she was first elected in 2012. Reports say she has declined to bring charges in most if not all of the cases.

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Police brutality became a critical focus of the race. During the primary election in March, Lacey finished far ahead of Gascón and former public defender Rachel Rossi.

But after Floyd’s death, Gascón found momentum amid protests calling for changes to the criminal justice system.

He will take over the nation’s largest prosecutor’s office in January.