Super Bowl snack ideas are all over the map, but you can find some good ones here

In 2018, our friends at Google Trends tried to identify local preferences on Super Bowl food recipes based on search traffic by state. Specifically, they created a a 50-state map identifying "relatively uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes by state".

A number of right-thinking states had chili atop their list. A couple of Georgia's neighbors were tagged for their interest in jalapeno poppers. But the entry for Georgia had us scratching our heads.

Ham Bologna Turkey Sub.

Not chicken wings, or guacamole dip or nachos. Instead some of you are searching for a sub recipe that contains baloney.

If you are searching for a great recipe for Ham Bologna Turkey Subs in Georgia, more power to you. But there are other options. We have gathered up a few favorite Super Bowl finger food and snack recipe ideas from AJC and Cox Media Group writers.

On the baloney thing, it could be worse. The map entry for Mississippi is Green Beans. With Beef Broth. For Super Bowl?

Try these instead.

Buffalo Veggie Chili

Want something a little healthier? Try this recipe from AJC food writer Kellie Hynes for a healthy but tasty buffalo veggie chili.

Spicy Salami Pizza Slider

Change up the spread with some pizza sliders. These are the hot sammies no one saw coming. AJC food editor Ligaya Figueras brings you the recipe here.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders and Dip recipe

Buffalo-style chicken wings and chicken nuggets are deep-fried deliciousness. This recipe marries the two and, incredibly, does so in a way that simultaneously satisfies the soul and keeps the blood whistling through the old arteries. Get the recipe on the AJC Atlanta Restaurants blog.

Guacamole recipe from Red Pepper Taqueria 

You know you're going to be stuffing your face with chips and salsa instead of dipping boring celery sticks into Ranch dressing, so you might as well do it up right. Here, five tasty recipes – your playbook for a winning Super Bowl spread. So here's a local Atlanta guacamole recipe that you can prepare in about 12 minutes. -- from the AJC Atlanta Restaurants blog

Bourbon and Coke Wings 

A chicken wing recipe is like a chili recipe: Everyone needs to have one. This recipe by bestselling cookbook author Francine Bryson has wings that aren't breaded or fried.

In the time these drumettes bake in the oven, a few simple ingredients stirred together in a pot on the stove become the tasty coating. Easy to make, easy to transport and easy to eat. -- From

Bacon Bites 

"So here it is in all its glory . . . our most talked about, sought after, and begged for recipe for Bacon Bites. We love these served in mint julep cups or silver goblets. Although this recipe calls for just three simple ingredients, there are a few tips that will make you a pro. Always line your rimmed baking sheet with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Watch the bacon bites, and, if they are cooking too fast on the bottom, roll them over so they can caramelize evenly. As soon as they are done take them off the pan, otherwise they will superglue themselves to the foil. Once they are cool you can stack them in an airtight container and they will keep for two days." – Elizabeth Heiskell via

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If you're anything like Kate Williams from, you go to Super Bowl parties for one reason, and one reason only: food. What with guacamole and chip 'n dips galore, plus big bowls of chili and platters of wings, there's plenty of food to entertain those of us who don't know a fourth down from a ... conversion? Get 12 tips and tricks (some of them recipes) for a great game day party.

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