North Georgia man, 72, dies of smoke inhalation in accidental house fire

A Madison County man died last week from smoke inhalation caused by a fire at his home, authorities said.

Aaron Poss, 72, of Colbert, was found dead last Thursday as the local sheriff and firefighters attempted to rescue him, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

On Monday, Madison County Coroner Julie Harrison confirmed that smoke inhalation was the cause of death. Authorities said the cause of the accidental fire was electrical.

Madison County deputies were called to Poss’ home on Sixth Street around 7:30 a.m. Sheriff Michael Moore and Deputy Joseph McGuffin were the first to arrive, followed shortly by firefighters from both Colbert and Hull as well as local EMS.

Smoke was visible when they arrived at the house, but it was unknown if Poss was inside.

Jason Davis, the man who called about the fire, remained on the scene and told authorities that he had seen a healthcare worker visit Poss’ home the previous day.

According to the incident report, the sheriff found the front door sealed and kicked it open. When they entered, Moore and McGuffin had no visibility and were dealing with extreme heat. They could not find Poss on or near his bed.

A firefighter relieved the sheriff and his deputy and entered the house. McGuffin reported hearing two small explosions and surmised that the cause was oxygen tanks.

The firefighter discovered Poss’ body on the south end of the room.

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