Winning legislation on Crossover Day

Dozens of bills passed Thursday in the state Legislature on Crossover Day, which comes every year on the 30th day of the Legislature’s 40-day session. To become law, a bill must be passed in the chamber where it originated by that day. Then it crosses over to the other chamber. Among the winners:

Senate Bill 189 — Would allow private, for-profit colleges to run college and career academies benefiting high school students.

Senate Bill 121 — Would allow veteran lawmakers who retire from the Legislature with at least eight years experience to qualify for their own special license plates.

Senate Bill 92 — Would allow local governments to fund public transit through rental car taxes.

House Bill 132 — Would move responsibility for overseeing the state boards of pharmacy and dentistry to the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Senate Bill 236 — Would require health insurance companies to include on consumers’ premium statements the amount of rate increase, if any, resulting from the 2010 Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

House Bill 517 — Would empower local governments to allow retail sales of beer and wine near college campuses.

House Bill 150 — Would bar for-profit websites that publish mug shots from charging people money to take photos off the sites.

Senate Bill 85 — Says physicians may prescribe vaccines to be administered by pharmacists.

Senate Bill 206 — Would provides rules related to sending a state delegation for congressional conventions for proposed amendments to the Constitution (related to SR 371).

Senate Resolution 371 — Would ask Congress to call a convention to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring a balanced federal budget (related to SB 206).