The right wonders if Mueller is indicting the right people. Spoiler alert: He isn’t

Credit: Susan Walsh

Credit: Susan Walsh

Robert Mueller is issuing indictments, but is he indicting the right people? A roundup of editorials Wednesday takes a look at the issue.

Opinions from the right:

1. Silly Russian ads didn't swing voters; federal coverups did
From The Hill: Sure, we should take action against the Russians, but what about the leaders in this country?

2. Mueller gets his ham sandwich, doesn't lay a glove on Trump
From The Washington Times: Russian President Vladimir Putin's job was to sow distrust and he did it well.

3. Why didn't Mueller indict Hillary & the Dems?
From The American Spectator: Robert Mueller's investigation of Donald Trump's campaign would have never happened had the Democrats not for the controversial Steele Dossier which was the basis for asking for a warrant to spy on those close to the president.

The left congratulates Putin on his choice of Trump to help divide America.