Former President Bill Clinton struts on stage at the Democratic National Convention. Miguel Martinez/MundoHispanico
Photo: Aaron Gould Sheinin/Political Insider blog
Photo: Aaron Gould Sheinin/Political Insider blog

The right calls Bill Clinton’s #MeToo defense ‘shocking’

From Washington Post: “During an NBC interview, the former president’s actions were looked at through the lens of #MeToo.”

2. Did Bill Clinton really think he could dodge #MeToo?

From The Hill: “The lack of self-awareness around how this was all going to go at the height of the #MeToo era is downright shocking. 

3. Bill Clinton’s #MeToo Defense Is Shocking

From The Daily Beast: “His defense was a master class in moral preening and obfuscation. And if you haven’t heard the lines before, you haven’t been paying attention.”

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