Some Georgia retirees will see big boost in health insurance premiums

While Georgia's state employees and teachers will see an average 3.7 percent hike in their health insurance premiums in 2018, the news is much worse for some retirees.

About 46,000 retired teachers and state employees, and their dependents, currently get coverage from “premium” health insurance plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare through the State Health Benefit Plan. Most of those retirees are on the United Healthcare plan.

Under rates approved by the Department of Community Health board Thursday, their premiums will go up 15 percent or more. The monthly rates for the UnitedHealthcare "premium" plan will go from $108 a month to $128.

Meanwhile the much cheaper rates for so-called "standard" plans for retirees will remain the same or decline. That may prompt some to switch plans this fall when enrollment for 2018 begins.

The SHBP rate increases are still below those projected in 2018 for some Georgians on Affordable Care Act health exchanges.

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