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Pooch fight: Senators want Uga’s breed as Georgia’s official state dog

Critics have long contended that the General Assembly is going to the dogs, and this session is proving them right.

About a week ago the House voted overwhelmingly for House Bill 561, which made the "adoptable dog" the official state dog of Georgia. The author, Rep. Joe Wilkinson, R-Sandy Springs, didn't want to have to pick a specific breed for the honor, and he wanted to recognize the thousands of dogs currently available for adoption in Georgia's animal shelters, humane societies and private groups.

A nice sentiment and all, but some senators thinks Wilkinson and his House colleagues are barking up the wrong tree.

They have filed legislation to make the English Bulldog Georgia’s official state dog.

You know, like Uga, the official mascot of the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Senate Bill 410 is sponsored by Sen. Ellis Black, R-Valdosta, a UGA alum, and several other UGA grads in the Senate.

The measure may run into opposition from all the Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Georgia Southern graduates in the General Assembly. A possible compromise would be to make the panther (Pounce, via Georgia State) the official State Big Cat, the yellow jacket (Buzz at Georgia Tech) the official State Flying Insect, and the eagle (GUS from Georgia Southern) the official State Bird of Prey.