Man sentenced to two life terms in Clayton double murder

A Clayton County jury took less than two hours to convict a man of double murder in a 2011 case involving the sale of fake marijuana.

Christopher Antwon Bradshaw, 28, was sentenced to two consecutive life prison terms for fatally shooting Devonta Emon Stembridge and Dion Leonard Brice.

“This killing for drugs and money has got to stop,” Clayton County Superior Court Judge Deborah Benefield told Bradshaw as she handed down the sentence.

Bradshaw was found guilty of all charges levied against him, including double counts of murder, aggravated assault, felony murder — committing a felony that causes another’s death — and evidence tampering.

Police found the bodies of Stembridge, 19, and Brice, 16, inside a car parked in College Park on June 25, 2011. Reports said they tried to sell the fake marijuana to Bradshaw.

Investigators were able to quickly retrace clues back to Bradshaw and Michael Boykin Jr., who was 18 at the time.

Boykin, who faces the same charges as Bradshaw, testified during the trial that Bradshaw was the sole shooter. Boykin’s trial has yet to be scheduled.

Phyliss Stembridge, the mother of Devonta Stembridge, called Bradshaw “coldhearted” during the victim impact statement that preceded sentencing.

“He had no remorse,” Stembridge said. “He had the nerve to stare me in the face. He’s a killer. He’s a coldhearted killer.”

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