Georgia 2018: Meet Brian Kemp, Republican nominee for governor

GOP candidate Brian Kemp recently took his campaign bus around middle Georgia while on the race for governor. (Video and photos by Ryon Horne)

The race for Georgia Governor in 2018 is wide open as Gov. Nathan Deal is set to depart the office after two terms.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is profiling candidates for governor.

Brian Kemp - The Secretary of State routed Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in a runoff for the GOP nomination thanks a to secret recording and endorsement from President Donald Trump. Kemp has put law and order at the center of his campaign. He wants to pass the most restrictive abortion rules in the nation and put the clamps on illegal immigration. "I'm all for accountability courts and helping those who need helping," he said. "But for those who are here illegally, and not following the rules, we need to send them home." His rivals point to blunders as the state's top elections official, including his office accidentally disclosing the Social Security numbers and other private information of more than 6 million voters to media outlets and political parties.

Kemp also defeated Hunter HillClay Tippins and Michael Williams.

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