Bill to allow hemp cultivation in Georgia passes Legislature

Dozens of bills are in jeopardy on the final day of Georgia’s 2019 legislative session. House Bill 324 would allow up to 28 medical marijuana oil dispensaries and two growing operations. House Bill 228 would increase Georgia's minimum marriage age from 16 to 17. House Bill 345 would ban the practice of shackling pregnant inmates around their wrists, ankles and waists. Lawmakers are haggling over Senate Bill 131, which would create state oversight of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, among other th

The Georgia Senate on Tuesday approved a bill allowing farmers to grow hemp for CBD oils and other products. It now goes to Gov. Brian Kemp to decide whether to sign into law.

House Bill 213 passed both houses overwhelmingly, with a final vote of 51-4 in the Senate.

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Forty-one other states already permit hemp cultivation, according to the bill's sponsors. Rep. Robert Dickey, a peach grower and Republican from Musella called the bill "another tool in the belt of farmers that we can diversify."