Balloons fall after Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, addresses the delegates during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday. (AP/John Locher)
Photo: Daniel Malloy/Political Insider blog
Photo: Daniel Malloy/Political Insider blog

‘Is anyone ready to lead’ the right? The left asks

From Washington Post: “Trump’s Republican Party cares little for McCain’s ideals of honor, service and community.”

2. John McCain and the tragic transformation of the Republican Party

From Washington Post: “Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 proved the GOP wasn’t interested in the longtime senator’s idea of a grand bargain on immigration.”

3. Can Republicans Get Their Ideas Mojo Back?

From Politico: “With Paul Ryan leaving and a backward-looking president in charge, the “party of ideas” faces an innovation crisis. Is anyone ready to lead?”

‘What did Pope Francis know?’ the right asks