In this Aug. 21, 2018 photo, President Donald Trump pauses while speaking during a in Charleston, W.Va. Trump assailed longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen for making a plea deal in an interview that aired Thursday, accusing his former fixer of “flipping” and arguing “it almost ought to be illegal.”
Photo: AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Photo: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

‘It’s always about driving Trump from office,’ the right says

From New York Post: “So how could you expect Trump voters to move away from him? Where would they go?”

2. Did Trump Actually Violate Campaign Finance Laws?

From The Hill: “I have to acknowledge that I am having difficulty understanding the laws as they relate to the allegations made by Cohen against President Trump.”

3. It's Always Been About Driving Trump From Office

From Investor’s Business Daily: “Democrats have been pining for Trump's impeachment since before he even set foot in the White House. Michael Cohen's guilty plea is just the latest excuse to bring it up.”

‘Congress, do your job,’ the left says