These Fulton County schools rose off Georgia’s low-performing list

Banneker High School
Banneker High School

Eight of Fulton County’s public schools improved enough to move off of Georgia’s lowest-performing list.

The schools are among 61 in the state no longer considered "priority" or "focus" schools, the Georgia Department of Education announced Tuesday. They got on the list with low student scores on state standardized tests and, in some cases, low graduation rates.

The eight improved Fulton County Schools, and their previous place on the list, are:

Fulton County Banneker High School -- Priority

Fulton County Bethune Elementary School -- Focus

Fulton County Creekside High School -- Priority

Fulton County Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary--  Focus

Fulton County Hapeville Charter Career Academy -- Priority

Fulton County Hapeville Charter Middle School -- Focus

Fulton County Lee Elementary School -- Focus

Fulton County Tri-Cities High School -- Priority

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