Social media reacts to first coronavirus cases in Georgia

Two cases of coronavirus have been identified in Fulton County, Gov. Brian Kemp and other officials announced late Monday at a hastily called news conference.


Georgia residents and others reacted on social media to the state’s first cases, which involved a person who traveled to Milan, Italy. Both people live in the same household, officials said.

The first cases reported in the state had some concerned.

Here is what other people were saying late Monday:

One sports fan was worried about the Final Four, which is scheduled to be played in early April at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Someone else wanted to see more screening.

Another person wondered if President Donald Trump still planned to visit the CDC on Friday.

Monday’s announcement had a few people on edge, especially those who work and/or live in Fulton County.

Another person offered some good advice, which also was mentioned by health officials Monday night.