Secret Santa pays off Indiana woman’s layaway balance at Walmart


Credit: Scott Olson

Credit: Scott Olson


An Indiana woman was moved to tears when she found out her layaway at a local Walmart had been paid for by a secret Santa, WTHR reported.

Mindy Coffey went to make a payment on layaway items at the Walmart in the Indianapolis suburb of Avon when she got a surprise.

“Your layaway’s been paid off,” Coffey said the clerk told her.

"I said, ‘No it hasn't, I haven't paid on it in a while. I'm going to pay it off.’”

"No," the clerk told Coffey. “Somebody else already has.”

Coffey, a single mother who has been working six-day, 55-hour weeks in order to save money to pay for the layaway items, is relieved that her 3-year-olds, Harlee and Jaxx, will get a nice Christmas.

“I paid once and have been stressing for weeks over where am I going to come up with this $300. I have no idea. I'm like it's going to go on a credit card. I'll pay it off that way," she told WTHR.

“My first thought was, ‘There are still good people in this world,’” Coffey said. “I don't get emotional easy, it takes a lot for me to get emotional and I was fighting back the tears because I just couldn't process,” she said.

Coffey said she is excited to see the look on her children’s faces when they see that “Ho Ho” -- their name for Santa Claus -- has put presents under the tree.

“They know he's coming and they know they've been good, but I just want to see the look on their faces is what I'm looking forward to and watching them,” Coffey told WTHR. “I just can't thank whoever it is enough. They don't know what they mean to me or what they've done for the kids.”