Redneck Games tossed with toilet seat for 2013 - but not forever

Say goodbye to the mud belly flop, to bobbin’ for pig’s feet and the toilet seat toss — at least for this year.

The Summer Redneck Games in East Dublin have been canceled for 2013, according to a report in the Macon Telegraph.

After drawing upward of 5,000 people in past years, lackluster attendance at the 2012 games prompted organizers to take a year off with the idea of restarting the event in 2014, Larry Drew, the city administrator, told The Telegraph.

The Redneck Games began in Dublin in 1996 as a tongue-in-cheek answer to the Atlanta Summer Olympics that year. Participants got down and dirty during the one-day event, which included a ceremonial lighting of the grill, followed by other such wacky home-grown contests as the hubcap hurl, seed spitting and an annual favorite, tossing toilet seats in the Redneck Horseshoes competition.

In 2011, the Redneck Games hit No. 5 on the list of the “10 Wackiest Summer Events” for 2011, according to the travel website TripAdvisor.

East Dublin is about an hour east of Macon, just off I-16.

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