Racist rants may cost top security firm exec his job

An executive for a major sporting events security firm in the United States has apparently been fired after a report in the New York Post showed that he routinely used foul language in reference to African-Americans in his emails

Scott Dennison, 56, was a vice president for special events at Contemporary Service Corp (CSC), one of the top security providers for major events in the United States. The company released a statement Tuesday, presumably referring to Dennison. The statement did not name him, but he fits the description:

"Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) has taken immediate action upon becoming aware of inappropriate statements made by a CSC employee, and as a result, CSC has terminated his employment."

Portions of some of the emails Dennison allegedly sent were published with Tuesday's report.

"No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day's work," Dennison allegedly wrote in a 2009 email published by the New York Post. The paper said the email was about employees needed for a US Open tennis tournament.

Referring to a possible new security dog in 2011, Dennison again referred to African-Americans, according to the report.

"If he likes what he sees he will fly the Dog to Denver. There he will do a great deal of bite work, off leash training and some n—-r eating exercises."

The report has other examples of email rants by Dennison, who declined to comment.

A former employee reportedly featured in a "mock testimonial" written by Dennison is suing the CSC, alleging racial discrimination and retaliation.