Police: Trout poacher planned to let fish die before throwing them back into water

A California man is accused of catching 19 trout he planned to let die on the grass before tossing them back into a Sacramento pond, KCRA reported.

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Igor Gasur, who has a lifetime fishing license ban, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of poaching, probation violation and various Fish and Wildlife violations, according to the Fulton El Camino Park Police Department.

"Just for clarification, he wasn't catching to keep or eat. Per his own statement, he was catching them, letting them die in the grass and planned to throw the dead fish back in the pond," KCRA reported, citing a statement from park police.

Gasur was spotted by authorities fishing at the Howe Park Community Pond after hours, the television station reported. Authorities said they found the fish in his possession.

Gasur is on probation with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, KCRA reported. He is barred from owning or possessing fishing equipment, authorities said.