Police serving warrant find dead cats in freezer

Police serving a child pornography warrant on a 55-year-old Florida man's home said what else they discovered was bizarre.

Detectives from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department found nearly 100 frozen dead cats at Douglas Westcott's home when serving a warrant for child pornography.

The cats were found in four freezers. Many of them were wrapped in aluminum foil with tombstone-style messages written on the wrapping, police said. Dozens of cats in ill health were also in the home.

If Westcott does not voluntarily give up custody of the live animals, a judge will have to preside over a custody case.

A couple who responded to Westcott's Craigslist ad for a place to stay alerted the police of the suspicious behavior and child pornography.

Animal control took the cats.

Police apprehended Westcott on unrelated charges.