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Kevin Riley, editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, with reporter Bill Rankin (left).
Kevin Riley, editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, with reporter Bill Rankin (left).

We at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution know that when you picked up your newspaper today, you made an investment. That investment of your time and money is precious to us, and we wanted to share with you how your investment in local journalism is returning value to you.

That's why we've included this report, "The Year in Real Journalism," in your edition today. Of course, it's a little different from a typical annual report an organization might issue. This report shares with you the key highlights of the journalism we've produced for you and is a reminder of how the AJC has informed, and served, Atlanta in 2017.

Our newsroom is home to about 150 journalists who dedicate themselves every day to reporting what's really going on in our community. Our journalists are committed to shedding light on wrongdoing, informing citizens, reporting all sides of complex issues, covering local news and telling the stories of the people who make Atlanta better.

Only the AJC can do this vital work –- and we can do it only because of your support.

Your investment as a subscriber is an investment in real journalism. And your subscription makes a difference. Without you, and the support of businesses who advertise in the AJC, credible and in-depth local reporting wouldn't be possible. And now, more than ever, the source of information and news matters to all of us.

On behalf of everyone at the AJC, thank you. It is an honor to keep you informed and to work to make our community stronger. We remain committed to serving you in 2018 and beyond.

-- Kevin Riley, Editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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