Another hackable system won’t secure Ga.’s elections

Will Georgia ever have legitimate elections? No, apparently. State House Republicans are proposing to replace the current, easily hackable voting system for another, equally easily hackable voting system. To conduct an audit, the auditor must have an original document created personally by the voter, not by a hackable machine. Experts agree the only way to audit properly is to use the original paper ballot filled in by the voter. Most states already use a paper ballot. Georgia is one of only four states that still use a statewide hackable system. The so-called “paper trail” in the proposed system can print out only what a potentially hacked machine is programmed to print. Votes may be embedded in computer-generated bar codes that voters would be unable to read or verify. To top it off, these legislators want to spend $150 million on another fatally flawed, unverifiable system when a simple verifiable paper ballot system would cost far less – about $35 million.


Stronger, smarter border wall’s desperately needed

In the event you have any reservations about whether our country is being invaded, I suggest you find a copy of Time magazine dated Dec. 10, 2018. The picture on Page two clearly shows illegal immigrants running across the border into the United States. We not only need some sort of substantial wall to impede this invasion, the wall also needs sophistication built into it that will cause an alert at a control center when any activity is detected and provide the exact location of the activity. Assuming the possibility (and current probability/reality) a tunnel might be constructed beneath the wall, it would also need sensors to detect and locate underground disturbances. We cannot afford to allow just anyone to invade our country illegally. Persons – including their children, regardless of age – who are here illegally should be sent back to their home countries.