Readers Write 8/20


This is the time to take reasonable baby steps

It is inconceivable to me that any American would object to requiring insurance companies to cover all people, regardless of pre-existing condition, or their current age or state of health. The tort reform is also logical — providing we see a corresponding reduction in physician and hospital rates. I would only add that we also need generic drugs — and let’s make sure we close the “doughnut hole” on Medicare Part D. If we start with these baby steps, then maybe we can address some of the other improvements needed in future bills.

Rich Sanford, Woodstock

Government control is not the answer

There is a saying that one of the qualities of maturity is to learn from the actions of others, and not repeat mistakes. I think that is what is unfolding in our current move toward “socialized” medicine in the United States. There is no doubt that our system needs repair, but government control is not the answer. I am unaware of any example in a modern industrialized society where government-run medicine has succeeded. Not one. To believe that we can make work what has failed everywhere else is the height of arrogance. We, as a country, need to show some maturity in this.

Bill Burns, Stone Mountain

We need better plans, time to debate them

Americans are frightened, and there seems to be reason to be during this talk about health care reform. Those who appear to be most affected will be at both ends of the social and age ladder. How can the disparity be resolved, with both claiming the “most need”? My heart goes out to those who can’t afford proper insurance, or who have trouble getting it, but I remember my absentee father, who depended upon his disability check — so he could maintain his drinking, and avoid his responsibility. I also know of children whose parents can’t seem to break out of their poverty, and I am torn. We are not “un-American” because we are concerned. We want some reforms, but none of the plans mentioned has been worthy of true debate. Congress needs to study all suggestions and all aspects before they shove a bill over 1,000 pages down our throats.

Mel Matuszak, Dacula

More rational, simple approach needed

More heat than light is being generated by the health care controversy, but this is a typical trick pulled by liberals: They engage in fights over trees, when the forest is the problem. Whether the battle over the trees is won or lost, we get saddled with the forest, and they win the war. We need to keep our eyes on the goal of limiting government intervention in our lives, which this health care initiative is all about. There are better and simpler approaches to improving our system. Whether some of the arguments about the Democrats’ version of health care are righteous or not, the pressure should be continued until they back off, and take a more rational and simple approach to the problem.

David A. Paul, Sandy Springs