Readers Write 7/17

Legislators need to move country forward

After seeing all the “great” work of our current House of Representatives in this Fast and Furious investigation, it reminds me of what a wonderful country we live in. When the main legislative body of our government can waste months grandstanding while our problems get worse by the day, while feeling no shame about what it’s doing, it just makes me feel so much pride in the amazing form of government bestowed upon us.

Kidding aside, the fact that our elected officials feel no pressure or seem to shoulder no responsibility to perform the job of governing is ridiculous to me. It appears that all the serious legislators have given up, been run off, or are hiding in the hallway while we have been left with carnival barkers whose main goal in life seems to be raising money for re-election, getting attention and scoring cheap political points — rather than moving this country forward. I could not possibly feel greater contempt for Congress than I do right now.


Cartoon on diversity goes over the line

Although I appreciate the AJC presenting both points of view, Mike Luckovich’s take on diversity goes over the line (Opinion, July 11). I am not here to argue about the majority of Republican voters being white, but they are not all so. I would imagine those in other ethnic groups that do consider themselves Republican, or who simply are not happy with the status quo, would be highly offended by this misrepresentation. The upcoming elections are more divided than I have ever seen, and racial slurs have no place when the future of our country is at stake. I vote on my beliefs regarding what is best for my country — not by the color of someone’s skin. I applaud those of the same conscience.


Games are about global inclusion

Regarding “U.S. uniforms made in China” (Sports, July 13), I think it would be national arrogance and an insult to the Chinese if we destroyed the Olympic uniforms, and substituted others sewn in some factory in America.

The Olympics are about national pride, yes — but more than that, about inclusion and respect for people from everywhere. Let’s not be arrogant.


Legislator ought to do right thing, own up

Regarding “Donor money back in coffers” (News, July 10), please stop all the word games. We all should know right from wrong. This is what is wrong with our elected officials: We elect them to “do the right thing” and sometimes they do not. Rep. Steve Davis, R-McDonough, should just admit that he did the wrong thing. He should grow up, admit who he is and step aside. I am ashamed to admit that I used to be a Republican and now distrust his party (as well as the other).