Readers Write 11/3


Let us hear your input on failure of being first

What is it about the social foundations of Georgia which make it lead the nation in bank failures? I don’t dare give my explanation, since it would get me attacked left and right — but I would like to encourage others to opine on this matter.

Norman Ravitch, Savannah


AJC not the only place where bias is evident

The editors of the AJC should be glad that Dina Cappiello works for The Associated Press, and not the AJC. The clear bias of this author is evident in every paragraph (“Poll suggests U.S. belief in climate change cooling,” News, Oct. 23).

Rather than report the two conflicting sides of the argument, Cappiello was content to issue a press release for the global warming crowd. Cappiello states that, “the vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is occurring and that the primary cause is a buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal.” Yet Cappiello cites no survey, study or evidence of any kind to back up this assertion. Both the AJC and The Associated Press should be ashamed of running this piece in a “news” section. Cappiello’s work is clearly an opinion piece, and should be treated as such.

Fred Maidment, Lawrenceville


Mean-spirited foes hurt every good cause

Most Americans value peace over war, compassion over indifference and greed, and support worthy causes that benefit the well-being of mankind. They’re at a disadvantage today, because the U.S. political climate is dominated by bitter, mean-spirited opponents of every good American cause. Good causes are a prime target of malevolent foes. Peace, a worthy cause, is targeted for defeat. It’s anathema to war boosters. To them, peace is a nonentity. Access to affordable health care for all U.S. citizens, a righteous cause, is targeted for defeat by groups that have demonstrated they have polished organizational skills. They’re backed by radio and TV programs featuring professional rabble-rousers.

Opponents of every good American cause say they aim to take back our country. If they succeed, the U.S. won’t be a country that most Americans can call their own.

Jackie Gaskins Adams, Stockbridge


It’s obvious JIA needs new, honest, fair partner

I just read the editorial by Babs McDonald (“Jekyll giveaway robs our state jewel,” Opinion, Oct. 23) about the relationship between the JIA and Linger Longer Communities, and I just have one question. How is this not stealing from the people of Georgia? It is painfully obvious that JIA needs a new, honest and fair partner, if Jekyll Island is to be developed.

Joe West, Roswell


‘Breaking-in period’ would be best for us all

The first requirement of any health care legislation and/or reform should be that all congressmen, senators and federal employees be insured under the plan. After a two-year “breaking-in” period in which all the kinks would be worked out, it would then be made available to the rest of us. David Reingold, Atlanta