Readers write: Sept. 14

Policies favoring investment pay off

Complaining about income inequality is an uninformed and uneducated response to the mathematical effects of investment and economic growth. If one person has $1,000 and another has $100 invested in identical investments at 5 percent APR simple interest, at the end of a year, the first person will have earned $50, and the second, $5, a difference of $45. However, each has earned at exactly the same rate.

If either person invests any part of the interest earned, that is an increase in the overall wealth of the economy, which reduces the cost of growth and expands the economy at a faster rate benefiting all parties, including the person with the lower investment. That investment will also increase the absolute amount earned by that person and affect the income inequality between the two.

The reasons for one person’s lower income are either a comparative lack of talent, skills or motivation, or the inability of the economy to utilize that person due to lack of demand in an economy that has grown at a slower rate than the workforce. Therefore, the goal of those who can affect the growth rate of the economy should be to ensure that growth rate is at least equal to the growth rate of the workforce, which is best done by policies favoring investment.


Training lacking in bungled police call

Regarding “Wrong-house shooting: Mix-up leads to chaos” (News, Sept. 2), the details are alarming. DeKalb police responding to a call were not even sure what house was allegedly being burglarized, yet charged in on an innocent couple through an unlocked back door and started shooting, wounding one of the innocents and killing their dog. They also managed to shoot one of their own officers.

If these details are true, this isn't Keystone Cops funny. This is deadly serious. This could not happen in a competent, professional police department. There were just too many basic rules ignored. It turns the spotlight on poor police training and less-than-competent senior officers. DeKalb leaders should bring the police chief in for a serious "fix this or else" meeting, and certainly the officer(s?) who fired the gun should be terminated.

Christians can’t have it both ways

Let me see if I understand this correctly. If a religious group tried to tell Christians who they could and could not marry, they would scream religious persecution. If I don’t allow Christians to tell me who I can and can’t marry, they scream religious persecution. How stupid do you have to be to not see the hypocrisy here?