Liberals misinterpret Constitution to fight Kavanaugh

Regarding the letter, “Respecting Constitution means opposing Kavanaugh” (Readers Write, Sept. 20), I have to say this is some of the most narrow-minded logic I have ever seen. The writer states he is “opposed to Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, simply because he has the support of Donald Trump.” Seriously? Regardless of political inclination, to oppose a candidate for the Supreme Court simply because you don’t like the president is foolish, at minimum. The writer goes on to say, “My respect and love for the Constitution are exactly why I am opposed to Kavanaugh.” Has the writer actually researched the writings, opinions and decisions of Judge Kavanaugh? If so, then it would have been obvious Judge Kavanaugh is a true champion of the Constitution who implements it as written rather than reinterprets it.


GDOT’s allergy to passenger rail is not new

Douglas Alexander, in his essay, “Council should take time to get Gulch deal right” (Opinion, Sept. 16), says the multimodal passenger terminal concept was dropped from the GDOT planning books several years ago. That is an understatement. It has been my experience that GDOT is absolutely allergic to any mode of transportation that does not involve pavement. They break out in hives at the mere mention of rail passenger transport – commuter or intercity. A number of years ago, I attended a meeting to discuss the re-configuration of an intersection near the church I attended at the time. The GDOT representative digressed from the topic to deliver a scathing tirade of rumors, half truths, and absolute lies against rail passenger service and continued to rant until I rose, told him that I was a railroader, and that he needed to stick to his topic as he obviously knew absolutely nothing about railroading. He quickly returned to the subject at hand. If Mr. Alexander is waiting for GDOT to come forth with any plans regarding a passenger terminal – or anything else involving rail passenger service – it will be a very long wait.


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