Readers write, Sept. 17


Bishops lose sight of parishioner concerns

Regarding, “It’s time for a clear path to citizenship” (Opinion, Sept. 12), I love my church — but like many Catholics today, we are hard pressed to get our leaders to focus on why the church is losing churchgoers and not amnesty.

When this bishop elevates “open borders” for illegal immigrants under the veil of “amnesty,” he cares less for America, its culture or its economic safety. Can high-level bishops be wrong so often in my church? You bet.

May I suggest, Excellency, that you and your fellow bishops fight for open borders of the sovereign state of the Vatican? This move could then take the thousands of low-paying Vatican jobs away from those presently held by Italy’s natives and give them to Italy’s growing migrant population. I wonder how the citizens of Italy would like your “amnesty”?



Critics overstate how CO2 affects climate

A recent AJC featured the Reuters story, “Climate report carries warning” (News, Sept. 8), and a letter to the editor, “Global Warming” (Readers write, Opinion, Sept. 8) decrying greenhouse gas carbon dioxide causing global warming.

Water vapor is the most prevalent greenhouse gas — 25 times greater than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide increases are acknowledged to have occurred since 1950. Essentially, the earth warmed the same amount from 1910 to 1940, as from 1975 to 1998.

The brightest hope from economic malaise is increased oil and natural gas production on state and private lands from technology advances. Similar encouragement regarding off-shore and federal lands would produce benefits in the trillions. Placing a tax on carbon dioxide to deter fossil fuel use is discarding nature’s assets and consigning the country to perpetual poverty.



Background checks won’t stop criminals

According to the author of “NRA is wrong about ‘good guys with guns’” (Readers write, Opinion, Sept. 12), “Universal background checks, which close all loopholes for gun purchases, would also be a good place to start.”

Well, heck. I just figured out how to win the war on drugs: Just require a background check on anyone trying to buy illegal substances, and deny their application. Because, as we all know, criminals never break the law, and would never buy something illegally on the black market.



This time, cartoonist is on target about Obama

It is always fun to see Mike Luckovich’s political cartoons, and to marvel at his complete ignorance of the real world and how it works. However, after viewing one of his recent cartoons, it appears we might be winning him over to the conservative side (Opinion, Sept. 12).

He has completely summed up the presidency of Barack Obama. Our president talks and talks and, after accomplishing nothing, disappears out the back door. However, this time, thanks to John Kerry, he has escaped into the waiting arms of Vladimir Putin. How ironic, and fitting.