Readers Write: Oct. 25

U.S. losing standing on world stage

It is very disconcerting that after eight years of Obama’s foreign policy, we have completely been jettisoned by Middle Eastern countries such as Iran and Syria and replaced by Russia, which is now considered the pre-eminent power in that region. In addition, China’s sphere of influence has greatly increased in Asia among countries that were previously close allies of the United States. The Philippines and Thailand are now pivoting away from the United States and aligning themselves with China. As a veteran that served in Thailand and made a few stops in the Philippines during the Vietnam war, this is not only sad but should be of great concern to everyone.


Hydrofluorocarbons must be replaced

The AJC reports (“Nations to cut use of chemical coolant,” News, Oct. 16). As an advocate for climate change action and a believer in a combination of regulation and market forces, I celebrate the agreement.

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) will be replaced with climate-friendly options. The legally binding agreement will enable air conditioner and refrigerator companies that have been developing eco-sensitive alternatives to gain market advantages.

As the article describes, the HFCs are very intense greenhouse gases. We must do all we can to stop overheating our planet. With glaciers and polar ice melting and adding moisture to our weather systems, rainfalls are more extreme and sea levels are rising. Even our oceans are acidifying and our terrestrial and sea-based ecosystems are struggling to compete with the excessive, quick climate changes.

Crafting an eco-balanced economy demands leadership willing to set limits. Vote for the climate on Nov. 8.