Important for president to make judicial appointments

I believe Barack Obama was the worst president in my time, which goes back to FDR. I also dislike his Supreme Court appointments. I also believe his left-wing appointments contribute to a healthy America. For the same reason, I believe President Donald Trump’s appointments are proper. What these appointments do is prevent anarchy in America. Of our three government branches, two are interconnected, the administration and Congress. The Supreme Court is independent. The lifetime appointments to the court can stop a one-sided administration and Congress from making, overnight, drastic changes in America’s national and international policies. A politically mixed court causes due time and consideration before a change can be enacted. Even changes in our Constitution require time. To that end, it is important our president, whatever his leanings, is allowed his choice of Supreme Court judge.


Regulatory, bureaucratic failures shield bad doctors

The AJC has revealed the lackadaisical job done by certain professional boards in policing their own practitioners, particularly those overseeing doctors and now dentists (“Crackdown on phony dentist took years,” News, Sept. 20). Consumers have been put at personal risk and harm by the inability and unwillingness of doctors and dentists to remove the dangerous and unqualified ones from their midst. The situation is also a failure by the secretary of state, under whose purview licensing boards exist. When he took office eight years ago, he created a bureaucratic logjam for professionals and business people seeking renewal of their licensing. Now we know the professional boards he is responsible for are not doing their jobs. I cannot see how this shoddy execution of his duties in any way qualifies him for governor.