Readers Write: Nov. 25

Gov. should focus on generational poverty

Now that the voters have buried the governor’s Opportunity School District, I trust Governor Deal won’t throw his deep concern for the struggling students in struggling schools, into the same grave. I hope that he will consider taking a new look at the equation by which schools are funded with a plan to fund schools on the concept of equity rather than equality. I hope that he will take a long, hard look at generational poverty recognizing its effect on education. If his concern for the struggling students goes beyond his desire to orchestrate a takeover, he will certainly work with all stakeholders to craft a solution that works for children.


To election protesters: Life owes us nothing

When I was just a little child growing up in California, one of life’s lessons was to be a gracious winner and a good loser. My how things have changed. We have seen protests by people who either did not register or did not vote.

We see colleges providing crying rooms and safe places for those upset at the election. They should do what I did — I went into the military. They will teach you how to deal with stress, strain and adversity.

I feel sorry for the current crop of — as some call them snowflakes or cupcakes — who get upset when life doesn’t go their way. I would expect the job market will be anxious to hire them; just wait for that first job review.

In all, I do feel for them — they have not been prepared for life. They all got trophies and honors just for showing up, and they have been pampered and coddled into believing that life owes them something. Well, that’s the rub: life owes us nothing, we owe everything to life. We take responsibility for ourselves without a social safety net.


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