Readers Write: May 10

Let’s keep religion out of public meetings

Georgia Attorney General Carr’s actions in defense of public prayer is a waste of taxpayers money. His assertion that “The tradition of public prayer dates back to our country’s founding” is certainly true. It is also true that other “traditions,” notably slavery, date back even further.

Assuming that everyone attending a county public meeting wishes to join in your “prayers” is arrogant and disrespectful of others. Government officials who authorize these religious “invocations” are blatantly mixing church and state under the guise of religious liberty. Citizens attending government meetings have a right to expect attention to the matter at question without any appeals to the supernatural. Religion can be divisive on a small scale, as well as on the world scale we see today.

There is a reason for the First Amendment.


We must find true representatives

I am a conservative and agree with the Republicans much more than the socialist Democratic party run by Schumer and Pelosi. The Republicans now have a president and both chambers of Congress as a majority and cannot agree and move forward on what they promised. Unfortunately, I think they are intimidated by the Democrats. The new spending bill barely includes what was promised to voters and increases the out-of-control deficit. True Americans who believe in personal responsibility and less government need to awaken and find people who will represent us as promised. The federal government was founded on states’ rights and only providing military defense and a transportation system. Otherwise, it should be up to each state to determine what to fund and then pay for it.