Readers Write: May 8

Don’t have children you can’t afford

In the article concerning the problem facing couples with childcare needs (“Impact of good child care on mom, boys,” News, April 30), it probably goes without saying that the primary cause of the problem in the first place is with people giving birth to children without having the financial base required to properly support a family.

A little prior planning and common sense would help to alleviate such problems, i.e., waiting to start a family until they are prepared to handle all the responsibilities.


U.S. must ensure proper care for all

I was pleasantly surprised to read the guest column by Jack Bernard (“No easy, cheap fix for ACA’s shortcomings,” Opinion, April 29).

His ideas regarding the gradual expansion of Medicare to become a universal health care system for all makes a lot of sense. As a Democrat, a retiree, and a participant in Medicare, I have felt and expressed this concept for many years. To have a Republican state this opinion is extremely encouraging and perhaps a glimmer of hope in this time of ideological arrogance. We were and still are a caring nation and should be ashamed of our inadequate and costly health care system that seems to be geared only for profit-hungry insurance and pharmacological businesses. It takes understanding and courage to admit that our system is a mess. We will only fix it if we look at good health care as a basic necessity for our nation and be willing to ante up some money to ensure that all are protected and guaranteed proper care. A rational tax system that ensures health care for all surely isn’t too much to ask.