So-called conservative wrong about frat house behavior

Kathleen Parker’s opinion that outrageously behaving Theta Tau boys at Syracuse University ought to be expelled (“Fraternity video exposes our crumbling decency,” Opinion, April 26), is neither correct nor “from the right.” No person was harmed and no property was taken or damaged. The activity apparently occurred inside a fraternity house, which is a private space, so there was no public indecency. Crimes related to alcohol or drugs may have been committed, but were not alleged in the article. The cited behavior, while certainly vulgar, tasteless, obscene, infantile and offensive, was not a crime, nor should it be. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. The idiots’ punishment has been accomplished by their public exposure. Finis!


Simple societal changes can help reduce smog danger

According to the AJC, Atlanta is entering the “smog season” (“What is a Code Orange?” Metro, May 4). For now, let’s forget about global warming, although it is of critical importance, and just concentrate on smog. Smog equals poor air quality, which is of great risk to young children, the elderly, and many in between. This is a problem that will worsen unless we take action. A large portion of smog comes from gasoline-powered vehicles. We can all cut back on our use of automobiles. We can walk more, bicycle, and take public transportation. Studies from the CDC and Emory’s School of Public Health have addressed this problem. Even staggering business hours, thus reducing rush-hour congestion, would make a huge difference. So would legislation implementing a carbon fee and dividend to be refunded equitably to all households. We must take action for our children, our elderly and all of us.