Politics shouldn’t hinder immigration enforcement

A recent AJC story on the 287(g) program in the Gwinnett County jail contains quotes from two Democrat candidates for sheriff who parrot the corporate-funded anti-enforcement immigration talking points. The Bizarro-world gist is that locating and reporting to federal authorities murderers, rapists, child molesters and drug dealers who land in jail somehow reduces community confidence in law enforcement. The problem is that these prisoners are part of America’s protected class – illegal aliens. Candidate for sheriff and retired police chief Curtis Clemons allows that he thinks removing these dangerous criminals makes Gwinnett less safe. Washington has repeatedly failed to protect America from the crime of illegal immigration. Only political opportunists would reject a proven-effective local enforcement tool. Thankfully, Gwinnett’s pro-enforcement hero, Sheriff Butch Conway, stands up against the leftist lunatics who would trade lives and commonsense public safety for the advancement of their open borders, identity politics agenda.


AJC does try to present both sides of issues

In response to a recent letter from someone outraged about Mike Luckovich’s cartoons (“Trump-hating Luckovich not worth a look,” Readers Write, May 2). I like Mike Luckovich’s cartoons. In fact, it’s one of the first things I turn to when I open the paper. The AJC does a decent job presenting all sides, and I am not offended when there are cartoons or points of view that differ from my own. Such is life, and I try to be tolerant and accepting of different opinions. Besides, from the recent news about Attorney General William Barr and Robert Mueller, it looks like Trump’s victory lap might have been a bit premature. In any case, I don’t think Luckovich hates Donald Trump, and we’d all do better to hate less and tolerate more.